Your new Porsche model is a truly high-end vehicle, and long with that comes a high-end connectivity system that makes your life easier than ever. And not just your driving life – the new modular infotainment system makes it easy to blend the different aspects of your life into one seamless system.

Combine Your Calendars

With multiple email addresses, different platforms from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and more, and several mobile devices all getting different bits of information, keeping everything in your life organized can sometimes feel like an untenable task. However, the Porsche modular infotainment system allows you to connect all of those accounts to the one place you’re almost guaranteed to be every day – inside your vehicle. This system will compile all of your appointments, contacts, events, and meetings and show them all in one singular view. Even better, if you have an off-site appointment it will give directions to the address and send notifications when it’s time to hit the road. No infotainment system is more prepared to help you keep your life on track than the Porsche modular system.

Online Connectivity

Of course, the connection with your multitudes of accounts is only the beginning of what this system has to offer. Online connectivity will give you real-time traffic and weather updates so you can always stay a step ahead of what’s coming next. You can also take advantage of that setup when you’re away from your vehicle, using your smartphone to see your last known parking location, operate the door locks, and even start the engine from anywhere.

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