You have lived with the safety of your luxurious sedan long enough. You are ready for something different. Something to take you to new reaches of South-Central Texas, like never before. It sounds like you are ready for adventure in the all-new Porsche Taycan.

You haven't seen anything like this sporty alternative. It looks like your typical Porsche luxury sports car. But there is so much more to it than that. The two electric motors that power this speedster is a testament to that. A robust 429 horsepower is churned out on the base model, the 4S. Level up with the 616-horsepower from the Taycan Turbo trim level. That is unheard-of power coming from an electric-powered sportster. It uses a two-speed transmission system and 800-volt electrical system for a quick first step and rapid acceleration.

It is everything you want from a Porsche. It handles the streets of Houston with supreme confidence only found in a Porsche. Floating on an air suspension, it glides over every bump in the road with a smooth confidence. Its aerodynamic design eliminates any drifting from the South-Central Texas winds. Unlike other electric cars, the Taycan does not being braking when you let off the throttle. Instead it carries on as if you were in cruise control, in the best way possible.

The sporty curves of the Porsche Taycan will immediately catch your eye. Vertical air curtains in front of its wheels improve its aerodynamics and reduce turbulence. The rear also sports a unique design with a seamless light strip with the Porsche logo encased in a shield under a three-stage rear spoiler. An available panoramic fixed glass room gives you a great view of the Houston skyline and creates a more open feeling.

Digital buttons and partial leather upholstery makes the cabin of the Taycan stand out among its peers. Four passengers can enjoy the ride, wherever your travels take you. Full leather seats enhance your drive even more. The infotainment system comes with all the trimmings and is highlighted by the massive 10.9-inch touchscreen.

The Porsche Taycan is the next generation of sports efficiency. The best way to explore everything it has to offer is by talking to Porsche of San Antonio and discovering every feature for yourself.

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