Is driving a Porsche just one of your many dreams?  With our Porsche Preferred Leasing Program, you can achieve your goal of driving a Porsche and make a dream come true.

The Porsche Preferred Lease provides flexible, attractive terms and reasonable monthly payments on new and pre-owned (up to five model years old) Porsche models.  With pre-set residual values, modest monthly payments and minimal initial cash requirements, the Porsche Preferred Lease can be an intelligent alternative to a cash purchase or traditional financing.

Key Benefits of the Preferred Leasing Program:
  • Minimal Initial Cash Outlay
  • Modest Monthly Payments
  • Flexible Terms
  • Single Payment Lease
  • Total Loss Protection
  • Possible Tax Benefits
  • Lease-End Process
  • Attractive Insurance Deductibles
  • Direct Pay Program
For details of the Porsche Preferred Leasing Program, call Porsche of San Antonio at 210-738-3499.  We can help make your dream come true!

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