Ushering in the 8th generation of the beloved Porsche 911 sportscar line, the 2020 911 models have arrived here at Porsche of San Antonio, and Texas drivers have never seen a 911 model quite like it.

The 2020 Porsche 911 is stylistically similar to the previous generation. It has grown a little, with a slightly wider wheelbase and footprint. But, otherwise, longtime fans will see it looks similar to the same car they've known and loved since 1963.

The changes for this generation, affectionately nicknamed the 992 model, are a little more subtle, and go far beneath the surface. For starters, there's a new horsepower rating for the base models, coming in at 379 horsepower, compared to 370 horsepower for the previous model. There's also other numerous tweaks throughout, including new springs in the chassis, new suspension, and new handling.

Ready to hear our favorite part about this futuristic update for the legendary 911 model? It's that you can meet and test drive it right now in the present, here in San Antonio. We have a great collection of 2020 Porsche 911 models available right now that you can get better acquainted with today. A number of configurations and color schemes are available for you to pick from, too.

Browse our entire new Porsche inventory to see all of the incredible, elite models in our collection, including the 2020 Porsche 911. When you're ready to take the next step towards claiming a Porsche of your own, stop by and visit us in San Antonio.

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