Porsche Takes Cayenne and Macan Off Road

Here at Porsche of San Antonio, many of us who drive Porsche vehicles do so within city limits, and on roads and tracks, to get the best performance out of our vehicles. But, for the likes of the Cayenne and Macan, these are utility vehicles, and are capable of taking you off the beaten path.

Both models have all-wheel drive capabilities, and Porsche likes to demonstate that with some of its biggest fans, who can take one of the many Porsche Adventure drives. This time, they went to Cambodia, where they were able to tackle the dirt, rocks, and hills, with a series of challenges set up by Porsche for those who made the trek to perform. It's a learning experience, too, as you get to learn about all the set driving modes, and how to tackle any challenge you might face when in an off-road situation.

It's a cool experience, and those of us here in our San Antonio, TX showroom would be happy to discuss the ways you can maximize the performance of new Porsche models today.

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